Staffing arrangements and opportunities for voluntary and paid work at Ewelme Store

02 May 2015

We are open 7 days (44 hours) a week and have a paid ‘Daily Manager’ in the store at all times. The Daily Manager is responsible for the day to day operation of the store, focussing on excellent customer service, ordering from suppliers, health and safety/environmental health issues and staff and cash management. Each Manager works one or two days a week and is recruited to work either as a Weekend manager (26 weeks a year) or a Daily Manager (one or two days a week, Monday to Friday).


From Monday to Friday, the Daily Manager has help from a Volunteer who typically works a 2-3 hour shift. At the weekend, we pay 16-18 year olds to provide general support including till operation, tea room and administrative duties.


We also provide opportunities for those students doing the service element of their Duke of Edinburgh award, and 4 students annually on the Business and Social Enterprise scheme at Reading University.


Volunteering opportunities; We are always interested in hearing from anyone who might like to volunteer in the shop.

Opportunities for Paid work: From July, we have a vacancies

(i) for a 16-18 year old to work approximately 5 hours a week on a Sunday morning

(ii) from September, when our current manager will be off to University,  we are looking for 2 Weekend Managers. Employing two weekend managers means that each of them work approximately 26 weekends a year.

(iii) a Cover manager – to provide ad hoc cover, approximately 15 days a year to cover sickness and holidays


The store offers great employment opportunities for anyone who is customer focussed and needs some flexibility in employment. If you are interested, please contact Sarah Maine, for further details.