Store Tea Room Services

A little about the Store

Ewelme Village Store is a not-for-profit community initiative, run and operated by a paid manager and local volunteers. Any profits made will either be re-invested in the store or the local community.

The store sells fresh local produce, wherever possible, together with a range of basic, competatively priced foodstuffs. As well as traditional village store items, Ewelme Village Store contains a Tea Room, serving hot and cold beverages and cakes baked on the premises.

In line with our commitment to the community the store also offers a range of services.

Foods Stocked

Cook: homemade frozen meals in individual portions

Dry Goods: Bread, soup, confectionary, tinned products, pasta, spaghetti, sauces, cooking oil, flour, sugar, baked beans, cereals, biscuits, crisps, gravy, baby food, home made cakes, jams/chutneys/honey/mustard.

Drinks: Coffee, tea, wines and spirits, beer, hot chocolate, soft drinks, fruit juice.

Chiller: Milk, cream, butter, margarine, yoghurt, cold meat, smoked salmon, cheese, pate, bacon, sausages, chicken, fish.

Freezer: Ice cream, peas, mixed veg, fish fingers, pizza, chips, quiche.

Household Items Stocked:

Washing powder, conditioner, washing up liquid, cleaning cloths, scourers, kitchen towel, soap, loo rolls, polish, bleach, nappies, toothpaste/brushes, laces, tights, light bulbs – energy, pegs, batteries, firelighters, tin foil, cling film, bin bags, shampoo, conditioner, cotton wool/buds.

Other Items Stocked:

Cigarettes, newspapers, maps, pet food, bags, pharmaceuticals, postcards, cards, stationery.

Tea Room

We are pleased to offer tea, coffee and homemade cakes either to eat in or take away. In addition we sell filled rolls, quiche, sausage rolls etc for lunch.


Home Delivery

If you are unable to get to the shop, and would like us to deliver to your home, please call us on 01491834467 and give us a list of your requirements, your phone number and address. We will call you back, usually within 30 minutes and let you know the total cost of what you would like to buy and ask you how you would like to pay. If you are able to pay with cash, and let us know which note you are paying with, we will bring the correct change, together with a receipt when we deliver.

Free Wi-Fi for Our Customers

You are welcome to use the Wi-Fi service available in the shop. A small donation would be appreciated.

Oil Syndicate:

The shop has an oil syndicate of approximately 50 households and fuel is delivered about 4 times a year by FuelCare. They guarantee to be 3-4p per litre cheaper than their competitors on the day of delivery and give us a guaranteed date for delivery. This proved invaluable to many of our customers during the heavy snow.

If you would like to join the oil syndicate, please contact Gemma at Fuelcare on 01491 613224